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4K Distribution: How to Get a Reliable Signal Throughout Your Space

Commercial Media Distribution Solutions for Your White Plains Business

4K Distribution: How to Get a Reliable Signal Throughout Your Space

Ensuring strong connections is one of the main duties of a commercial automation network. You have to be able to rely on functioning signals between all of your connected devices. However, one modern upgrade has shown some difficulty in developing reliable connections – 4K Ultra HD. If you’re a business owner in White Plains, NY, you know how important 4K UHD signals are to any video content you want to distribute throughout your business. In this blog, we’ll show you how it’s possible to maintain a strong signal for any space.

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The Trouble With 4K UHD

If you’ve ever seen a 4K UHD image, you know just how beautiful it can be. Because of the crystal clear resolution, it’s perfect for signage and other practical applications. But it’s so clear that many design-inclined businesses are using 4K UHD video streams in lieu of wall art, creating a dynamic visual atmosphere for employees and clients alike.

However, there’s one small problem with 4K UHD. If your business is set up for 1080p or lower video distribution, you’re going to have a hard time streaming nearly four times the information through the same wires. Ensuring that your media distribution system is equipped with enough bandwidth to support 4K UHD signals is the first step in transforming the way your business looks.

How to Distribute 4K Content 

Because 4K UHD require a higher bandwidth than standard 1080p HD, you’ll need to upgrade your cables. There are multiple types of cables that you can employ, and below we’ll give you a brief breakdown of each.

HDMI 2.0: When HD first became popular, it suffered some of the same setbacks as 4K UHD. The available cables simply didn’t provide enough bandwidth. So coaxial cables were replaced by HDMI. Today, HDMI cables are being replaced by HDMI 2.0, capable of twice the bandwidth of the standard version. HDMI 2.0 is a perfect solution for distributing 4K UHD signals over short distances, but can only extend over about 16 feet.

HDBaseT: Similar to HDMI 2.0, HDBaseT is a copper-based cable. The difference is that it’s able to effectively transmit a signal over nearly 300 feet. Simple and cost-effective, HDBaseT’s only drawback is that it features a narrower bandwidth than HDMI 2.0, at 10GB to the latter’s 18GB.

Fiber-Optic Cables: Perhaps the most effective solution for long distance 4K UHD distribution is fiber-optic cables. They can send signals to just about any corner of your business. However, some business owners don’t find fiber-optic cables suitable or cost effective over distances less than 30 feet.

If you want to begin distributing 4K UHD signals throughout your business, you’ll need a media distribution system designed specifically for you. AV Design and Integration offers expert service and knowledgeable staff for all of your commercial automation design and installation needs. Contact us today for more information.


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