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A Hands-Off Approach to Your Lutron Home Lighting Control System

Take Advantage of Sensors, Triggers, and Scheduled Scenes

A Hands-Off Approach to Your Lutron Home Lighting Control System

Lutron home lighting control systems strive to offer diverse solutions to fit all types of needs and applications. With more options, it’s easy for users to find one that will result in a convenient and efficient home. Sometimes being more efficient means being less involved. Everyday applications can be managed through automated changes so you don’t have to waste time making them yourself. Ranging from sensors to triggers, below we highlight some of the primary ways to bring hands-off control to your Greenwich, CT home.  

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Tired of reprimanding your kids or significant other when they forget to turn off the lights in a room? You can include occupancy sensors in your home lighting control system so lights turn on when someone walks into a room then turn off automatically when it's vacant. You can also line walkways with motion sensors so they illuminate as people walk past to reduce dangerous tripping hazards.

Daylight sensors can also be used to make your space more energy efficient. These sensors monitor the amount of sunlight coming into your home. When there's a lot of sunlight, your shades open and your lights dim, so you're not wasting energy when natural light is available. As with your motion sensors, daylight sensors also have security applications. They can direct your outdoor lighting to turn on as soon as the sun sets so your home is never left in the dark.


Another way to automate changes in your lighting control system is through scheduled scenes. Below we highlight some popular ones:

  • Landscape Lighting: Program your outdoor lights to turn on when the sun sets then turn back off in the morning, so you're not wasting energy illuminating your home throughout the day. 
  • Waking Up: Create a more relaxing morning routine by scheduling shades to open and lights to turn on when it’s time to get up. If you incorporate your lighting control into a home automation system, you can even have music playing to make sure you get out of bed on time.
  • Good Night/Away Scenes: Take advantage of ‘all off’ settings that turn off all your lights at once. You can program this "all off" feature to happen at a given time to make sure lights aren't being used when they're not needed. Ideally, you'd schedule this for when you leave for work or when you go to bed at the end of the day. 


If you integrate your lighting control with other smart technology, you can also have lights turn on according to specific triggers. Most times, these triggers are linked to security systems. For example, you can have the lights in your foyer automatically turn on when the front door is unlocked. You can also make sure all lights turn on when the fire alarm goes off, so it’s easier for the family to evacuate.

Are you ready to invest in a Lutron lighting control system that can anticipate your needs and take care of them for you? Contact AV Design and Integration to get more information.