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Experience Sonos in a New Way With Crestron Whole Home Audio

Enjoy Complete Control of Your Music in Every Room

Experience Sonos in a New Way With Crestron Whole Home Audio

When integrating a whole home audio system in your Rye, NY property, you know you want two things: excellent sound and total control. And one of the most popular audio systems currently available is Sonos. Smart home manufacturers have taken notice of the leader in wireless audio, and now Crestron has struck a deal to integrate with it. So how is Crestron integration different from other systems? In this blog, we’ll answer that question. Read on for more.

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A Smarter Interface

One of the reasons Sonos has become so popular among users is its completely intuitive interface. Users can customize playlists, access music streaming apps, gain knowledge about their favorite songs and artists and more, all directly from a single interface. Crestron recognized this easy-to-use system and decided that they would integrate it with their system the best way possible – without changing anything.

Unlike other smart home systems, Crestron allows you to utilize the Sonos app exactly as it normally would. Many systems will translate the interface into something resembling their own native look, and drop many of the controls along with it. However, Crestron’s system accesses the app directly, so you still have full control capabilities.

Seamless Integration

Of course, you shouldn’t worry that Crestron is simply accessing an app within an app. Sonos completely integrates with the rest of your smart automation system for total control of every connected device in your home. If you want to access the rest of your devices, Crestron is just one click away. The benefit of integrating with Crestron is that anywhere in your home, with any connected controller, you can immediately take advantage of your Sonos system or any other device.

Sonos Is Just the Beginning

And while many homeowners come to whole home audio solutions through Sonos, remember that Sonos is just the beginning. You can connect your system to the prestigious Play;5, or hook up an amp to more advanced, wired speakers for even better performance. With a Crestron-connected system, there’s virtually no limit to how you can enjoy your music.

Are you ready to take advantage of the convenience of Crestron and the accessibility of Sonos in a single, comprehensive system that your whole family will love? Contact AV Design and Integration for more information on how we can enhance your Rye, NY whole home audio system.

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