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How Crestron Makes Your Home Media Room Even Better

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How Crestron Makes Your Home Media Room Even Better

When you’re in the mood for a movie or TV show, you probably like to hang out in your home media room. Your UHD TV, surround sound system and comfortable couch make for the perfect entertainment environment. But did you know that each of your components can work together with the touch of a button? Crestron offers media room solutions that make it easy to control all of your technology from a single device. Read on for more.

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Integrating Devices

One of the best parts of installing a Crestron system is the way it allows you to take control of all of your components with a single device. For instance, you can command your smart TV, AV receiver and lighting with a single, customizable button. Turn on the equipment and dim the lights with ease.

Additionally, you can take advantage of Alexa voice-control compatibility to search for and play online content by just saying the name. If you want to find something specific, just say it into your remote or Echo device and it will appear on screen.

Plus, you can even integrate telecommunications and security components to help you keep in touch with the outside world. Receive video calls and view real-time or pre-recorded surveillance footage on your TV display. With Crestron, your lifestyle is more convenient.

Clearing Clutter

In addition to simplifying the way you use your AV technology, a smart home system helps you reduce the clutter in your media room. You no longer have to sift through a pile of remotes on your coffee table; everything is controllable from a single device like a tablet or smartphone.

But Crestron allows you to do more than use a single remote. When properly installed, it also allows you to centralize all of your components and access them through walls. That means your AV receiver, media server and video game systems don’t have to take up space in your room. They can be neatly tucked away in an unused closet or in the basement.

Moreover, you can stream content from the same source into different areas of your home. If you start a late-night movie in the media room but want to finish it while you’re getting ready to sleep, simply pause it and pick it up when you get to the bedroom.

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