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How Mobile Access Can Boost Your Home Security

Make it Easier to Protect Your Home by Staying Connected at All Times

How Mobile Access Can Boost Your Home Security

There are a lot of things to consider when investing in a home security system. Having the right alarms, cameras, locks, and fire detectors can make all the difference. Upgrading from a traditional approach to a smart one means going beyond these basic requirements. Reinforce your security with a solution that also offers mobile access to protect your Rye, New York home whether you're at work or across the globe. Since you can know what’s happening there at all times and react accordingly, you can get peace when you leave the house in the morning.

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Enhance Your Access Control

One of the main benefits of a mobile app is being able to manage who comes in and out of your home. Whenever someone approaches your front door or rings your doorbell, you receive a notification on your phone. Whether you’re home or in the office, you can pull up your mobile app to unlock the front door and let them in. Your smart security system can also include two-way communication to interact through audio and video with whoever’s at the front door.

This feature also gives off the illusion that you’re home to ward off any intruders. Many times when potential robbers are looking for properties to target, they will ring the front door to see if someone is there. When there is no response, they assume the property is empty and break in. With your mobile app, you can answer the doorbell at any time, so your house never seems unattended.

Access Live Footage on Your Phone

The other great feature of mobile access is that you can look in on your home from anywhere. Check in to see if Fido's gotten into the kitchen or to see if the kids are doing their homework when they get back from school. From your mobile app, it's easy to pick the room you want to watch and even choose between viewing live video or recorded footage.

By incorporating the top IP cameras in the home surveillance industry, you can also have remote pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. This way you can hone-in on any suspicious activity and make sure you have quality footage to show authorities if needed. 

Take Advantage of Geo-Fencing

Often the reasons home security systems sometimes don't deliver as promised is that they're not being used properly. This is because they are too prone to human error. Homeowners may forget to lock a door or set the alarm. For this reason, smart security solutions help to take some of the decisions off the owners' hands so safety isn't reliant on following certain steps.

One way to automate your security is through geo-fencing. Using your mobile app, you can set a geo-fence around your territory. Based on your smartphone location, your system will gauge where you are and make the necessary changes. Once you leave your specified geo-fence, all your outside doors lock, and your alarm is activated. When it notices you're back, the doors automatically unlock again and your alarm turns off for a seamless return home.

Want to upgrade to a smart system that keeps you protected at all times whether you’re in your New York home or on vacation? Contact AV Design and Integration for more information.