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How Savant Stays Ahead of the Curve with Smart Home Automation

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How Savant Stays Ahead of the Curve with Smart Home Automation

Thanks to the seemingly endless options and new technology that continues to develop, it’s pretty clear that this is the decade of smart home automation. Whether you’re in the market to upgrade your entire home or just a single room, there are plenty of ways you can connect and control your devices with ease. Among the leaders in smart tech is Savant, a company that has managed to stay ahead of the curve on many of the trends that are currently very popular. In this blog, we’ll explore why Savant has maintained its presence as a smart home forward thinker. Read more after the jump.

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There’s an App for That

While today many of the top smart home manufacturers offer an app compatible with an iPhone or Android device, Savant was the first to provide a fully customizable experience via your mobile phone or tablet. The award-winning Savant app, launched in 2014, offers the ability to save scenes and customize settings on your system instantly.

The concept of a “scene” – a pre-determined arrangement of all connected devices – may not have been anything new at that time, but Savant’s innovation was to put the power to create them into the user’s hands. When the right song played on the whole home audio system, the lights were just right and the temperature was comfortable, users are just one touch away from saving and recreating the experience whenever they wanted.

Plus, their app sports the exclusive TrueImage Control feature, which shows you real-time footage of your spaces so you can view the effects of the system even when you’re not in the room. Raise the lights in the dining room when you’re on the porch or turn off the media room equipment when you’re lying in bed, and watch it all happen on your smartphone or tablet.

Scalable Systems 

Automating your entire home is one thing, but what about the other spaces in your life? If you have a pool house out back or an apartment in the city that you occasionally use, you may not want to invest in a total control system. That’s why Savant created systems that fit every aspect of your lifestyle, so you can enjoy the convenience of connected technology no matter where you’re staying.

Integrate Savant Anywhere

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