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How to Enjoy a Secondary Home Theater

Get More Out of Your Scarsdale, NY Property

How to Enjoy a Secondary Home Theater

With so many entertainment options at your fingertips, no one would blame you for wanting more gear in your home dedicated to bringing you the best picture and sound quality. Sometimes, one home theater in your Scarsdale, NY property just isn’t enough. If you entertain a lot of guests or just want to get out and enjoy the upcoming warm weather, a secondary home theater may be just what you need. From the pool house to the back yard, there’s a lot of ways you can enjoy your favorite entertainment. In this blog, we’ll explore a few. Read on for more.

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Rear-Projection in the Backyard

Many homeowners have an idea of what a home theater setup looks like: the image goes, from front to back, screen, seats and projector. Throw in a few speakers positioned around the viewer, and you have a pretty clear understanding. However, when building a system that has enough space, many experts actually prefer a rear-projection method due to its sharper picture quality and brighter colors.

Rear-projection means that the projector actually sits behind the screen, allowing for bright, high contrast pictures to shine through. They’re particularly suitable for outdoor spaces, due to their special requirements and ultra-bright capabilities. The image can appear clearly in varied lighting conditions, and you won’t have to watch shadows move across the screen every time someone gets up for a drink.

Immersive Audio in the Pool House

When homeowners hear about surround sound systems, they often imagine huge, multi-channel arrangements that will take up an entire, dedicated space. Actually, surround sound and immersive audio systems don’t have to be massive setups; they can remain small while still packing a punch. Manufacturers have been introducing Dolby Atmos and other immersive capabilities into systems as small as 5.1.2 channels, and even started including them in simple soundbars for your TV.

If a pool or guest house is big enough, you’ll want to entertain your visiting friends and family with their very own home theater setup. That may include an Atmos installation with up-firing speakers. Up-firing speakers allow your Atmos system to use the room’s natural reflections to create the signature sphere of sound associated with the brand.

In a situation where you can’t quite fit multiple components into the space, you can use a Dolby Atmos enabled soundbar. Sporting multiple distinct channels in a single device, an Atmos soundbar may not sound quite as good as a full setup, but it will offer next-level sound quality to any single room spaces.

Do you want to provide your guests with the very best sound quality? Does the idea of enjoying a perfectly projected image in your backyard have you jumping for joy? AV Design and Integration can make it possible. Contact us today by filling out this form or give us a call at 914-345-2977!