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The Connected Home Lifestyle: Enjoy Your Day in a Whole New Way

Smart Home Automation Simplifies Daily Activities

The Connected Home Lifestyle: Enjoy Your Day in a Whole New Way

Your daily life is easier with smart home automation. Whether you want to wake up refreshed, plan the perfect party or secure your spaces with the touch of a button, a connected home can simplify many activities you take for granted. And the technology integrated within your Scarsdale, New York property doesn't have to clutter up your spaces. In this blog, we'll illustrate how smart automation can enhance your lifestyle and make your day easier. Read on to learn more.

Wake up Refreshed

The sun is shining, the day is starting and it's time for you to get up in the morning. But on such a pleasant day, why would you want to wake up to the annoying sound of an alarm clock? Instead, why not have music from your favorite artist filter into your room via a whole-home distributed audio system? As the music begins, the shades can rise and the thermostat can adjust, so your room is bright and comfortable before you even get out of bed. It's the perfect way to start your day.

Go Out with Confidence

Once you've awoken, it's time to get going with your daily activities. A single button on your smartphone or tablet will turn on the lights in the kitchen. After breakfast, when you're heading out the door, another button will put your home in "away" mode – the lights throughout the house shut off, as do all electronic devices, the smart entry systems lock the doors and the thermostat is adjusted to avoid wasting energy. Plus, your security and surveillance systems are armed. You're able to leave the house with confidence.

Return with Ease

On your way home, you can easily prepare your home for your return with another command on your smart device. Or, you can allow your home to work automatically with geo-fencing technology. By tracking your position via your smartphone's GPS, your home can trigger into action when you cross a pre-determined geographic area. Lights turn on in the driveway and inside, music begins to play, the temperature lowers or raises. You then walk into an entirely comfortable environment.

Prepare for the Perfect Party

When you're back at home and expecting guests, it takes little effort to prepare for a party or get together. Just tap the "party" button on your smartphone and the lights lower and the playlist is queued. If you have color-changing LED backlighting fixtures, you can even add a splash of color to the proceedings. All that's left is to get some snacks ready.

When guests begin to arrive, check to see who's at the door with integrated video in the entry system. If you can't get to the door yourself, make them feel welcome by speaking to them through the system and unlocking the door remotely.

Are you ready to enjoy the convenience of smart home automation in your Scarsdale spaces? Contact us today.